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Bird ‘scamming’ especially with regard to buying Parrots and their eggs is on the increase and here at Parrot Scams Exposed we aim to publish names and contact details of those who continually try and defraud people of their money.

Why do people do it?

Well since the introduction of worldwide trade agreements on the movement of exotic birds and endangered species, breeders, collectors and pet owners have found it increasingly difficult to obtain the more exotic birds for their private collections.

Therefore we have a classic case of demand outstripping supply which leads to higher prices.

So how does it work

We all know parrots are commonly found in warmer climates and forest equatorial areas so it is unlikely you will find them flying wild in Europe or North America for example. Therefore we tend to have people from these regions , especially Cameroon and Nigeria, offering all sorts of parrots for sale at what seems incredibly low prices…and there lies the problem..they are too low AND couple with the paperwork required (permits and certificates) it is very very unlikely these are legal breeders with permissions to export.

What do you need to export and import a parrot

This is very complicated and detailed, with each country having its own regulations. However there is one overriding legal ruling on the movement of endangered species and that is CITES.

This worldwide agreement regulates the strict movement of birds within the world and very precise steps have to be taken to import a bird on the CITES list into Europe or North America. It therefore seems highly unlikely that a person from Cameroon can offer these for sale unless they have been regulated in that country and can obtain the necessary CITES export permits.

How does the scam work?

Scammers advertise on a wide and varied range of websites parrots or parrot eggs for sale. They offer unlimited quantities and say they can export to any country in the world. It all sounds so easy but when you mention certificates or CITES they say yes no problem, the shipping agent deals with all that. It all seems very believable to the innocent person buying and obviously you think you have discovered a great source of rare parrots and eggs.


They are becoming more sophisticated on how they present their emails and now have learnt what questions westerners will ask so it all is very plausible, they will have an answer for everything, believe me.

The Sting…or SCAM

All goes well and you can’t believe they will ship the birds and they even offer you free delivery and ask you to pay when delivered to your door..incredible, what a bonus, can’t believe my luck…

WELL DON’T …because they have just sucked you in and now you believe everything they say and it is at this point they hit you with the STING

At the last minute, they say they need to pay the shipping company or the delivery company or to obtain last minute certificates and ask you for a small amount..$50..$100..$200 whatever it maybe and request payment to WESTERN UNION IN CAMEROON.

WHY?..well in Cameroon and many other countries, all you have to do is to provide details of the transaction and a password (which you have given them) and they can collect the money as easy as 1-2-3

It’s that simple, you have been stung, sure you will send $50 no problem, but it doesn’t stop there, they then either ask for another amount or say the shipments been stopped at the borders but it makes no difference

YOU HAVE BEEN STUNG..SCAMMED…ROBBED and now there is nothing you can do about it unfortunately.

The moral of this story is NEVER, NEVER, NEVER  send money to Western Union or any other money broker and if you ever get the urge to do so, even after reading this, then request Passport identification of the person collecting the money..having said that, even they have answers for that and use fake documents to collect the money you have sent.

What can we do?

  • Well first of all never part with any money!
  • Secondly try and get a reference of anyone they have sold to previously..even then they create false identities in various countries so even that is flawed
  • Check the attached list which lists the main websites and identities that these scammers have used in recent years. It is not complete but it will give you an insight into where these scammers are active so maybe steer clear of these.